Hello From The Lore!

Dave Erickson, Director

Hello from the Lore        

2013 is rapidly coming to a close. This year we celebrated our 23rd year in existence. It was truly a mixed bag of emotions this year, for us here at the Lore.

We opened up the year with bus tours from all over the state, including many school groups. Again, we had visitors from foreign countries and brought in many new clubs and organizations that came to Rogers City to specifically see our museum.

Being the only museum on the Great Lakes, established explicitly to honor people, we have the singular pleasure of making people’s loved ones live on in memories where their picture, biography and job description on the Great Lakes, is on display for all to see. We are proud to show off our museum. Plan a visit! Plan to honor someone or plan to become a MEMBER! Forms are located within the web site. Please browse around and join us in this unique museum.


We had sadness as part of our year as well. In April, we lost our founder, Ed Brklacich. Ed formed the museum in Sebewaing, Michigan and later moved it to Rogers City so more people could see the museum and honor those who made their livings on the Great Lakes. He will be sorely missed.

In August, we conducted an Induction ceremony, (Gathering), where several new people were honored in a luncheon. This takes place every August and is truly a weekend event, with things to do on Friday and the Induction on Saturday. Watch the web site for details for our 2014 “Gathering”. Come and be part of it!

In November, we will conduct bell ringing ceremonies to honor those souls lost in the sinking’s of the S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald, (9th), S.S. Carl D. Bradley (16th) and the S.S. Daniel J. Morrell (23rd). All are welcome to the museum to watch these moving ceremonies.

Please consider becoming a member. We need memberships to help keep our museum going.

Happy Sailing.