Wish List
For Details Please Contact Dave Erickson
(989) 734-0706 phone
email: lor@i2k.net


Great Lakes Lore Maritime Museum is a non-profit organization. We appreciate all donations.

  • If anyone has experience in Grant writing we need a volunteer to help us write grant proposals.
  • We need Information on Michigan Live Steam Club.
  • If anyone can help us with a billboard donation, we would like to put up a Billboard off of US-23.
  • We would also like a ships horn.
  • A laptop computer.
  • Any other artifacts that you would like to donate.
  • Our volunteers are very dear and special to us. These are the folks who are dedicated in making this museum a wonderful place to visit. We are in need of more volunteers, if you would like to volunteer a couple hours a week, month, or whatever works please give us a call.
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